A career with the Foreign Services of United States is as attractive as it sounds. Once you are a member of the services, you are expected to stay abroad to serve the department. It is only for a maximum of five years at a stretch that you can work in a domestic assignment while residing in the United States. The main executive members of the Foreign Service include – Chiefs [...]

The foreign services of the United States are an element of its federal government. It falls under the Department of State of United States. Its main role is to execute the foreign policy of the country and assisting the citizens outside the country, in other nations. The members of the foreign services include: Chiefs of Mission – These are selected on advice and agreement of the Senate, by the President. [...]

Your journey to become a Foreign Service Officer begins by getting a bachelor’s degree. Make sure to demonstrate an all-around performing during your college education. The interesting thing for an applicant is that the service doesn’t require you to be from a specific field of study. This is because the Department of State seeks a diverse body of diplomats from different educational backgrounds. However, the Department of State may give [...]

Most people feel that a Foreign Service career would be something glamorous as it involves traveling to different parts of the world, living in government housing, getting paid generously and enjoying several other benefits. However, the fact is that working as a Foreign Service Officer can not only be challenging at times, but even dangerous. As a Foreign Service Officer, you may get posted to remote locations where there may [...]

A Foreign Service Specialist would provide specialist services in a wide range of profiles in 265 overseas positions, Washington, D.C. or anywhere else in the U.S. Explore the responsibilities of some of the leading positions in the different specialist profiles. As a General Services Officer under administration specialty, you would be responsible for delivering a variety of duties that include management of logistical services and material resources. You would be [...]

A successful Foreign Service Officer would be creative, proactive and would always be ready to take an initiative. As an officer, it would be needed to demonstrate adequate performance in a wide range of skill areas like leadership, analysis, communication, interpersonal relations and flexibility. As a Foreign Service officer or FSO, you should be ready to get posted wherever the State Department needs staff. It would also be required to [...]

If you are interested in representing your country abroad through Foreign Service, you can choose from a wide range of job types. However, these services come under two main categories – Foreign Service Officers and Foreign Service Specialists. Your job as an officer would be to work in different parts of the world to represent the United States from its embassies, diplomatic missions and consulates. There are 5 career tracks [...]

When preparing to enter a job in the Foreign Service, what are the physical and mental tests you may face? If you have a clear idea about this, getting a job in the Foreign Service would be simple enough, unless of course you have crime records or some medical conditions that make you unfit for the job! Let’s take a look at how things go from the time you apply [...]

What exactly are the requirements for becoming a Foreign Service officer? Apart from being qualified academically for the role, there are two major requirements for becoming a Foreign Service officer. Let us get a detailed idea about both these qualification hurdles you would have to cross. The background investigation is one of the major hurdles to be crossed before getting appointed for a job in Foreign Service. The background check [...]

Are you looking for a career in the Foreign Service? Do you feel you would be able to handle the job well? A thousand questions can haunt you when trying to choose a career! To know if a job in the Foreign Service is the best choice, you need to know what exactly they are looking for. What kind of people do they look for? Though a job at the [...]