If you are interested in representing your country abroad through Foreign Service, you can choose from a wide range of job types. However, these services come under two main categories – Foreign Service Officers and Foreign Service Specialists. Your job as an officer would be to work in different parts of the world to represent the United States from its embassies, diplomatic missions and consulates. There are 5 career tracks for the officers.

If you select the management track, you would be involved in the daily operation of the consulate or embassy where you get stationed. If you take the consular track, it would be needed to deliver consular duties related to passports and visas. You would also be involved in assisting Americans who want to travel abroad due to certain emergencies.

The third track is the economic track, where you would be involved in the promotion of the economic interests of your country. You would also provide support in terms of advising the government on the different issues related to economic development. Then, there is the political track for Foreign Service officers, where they would be assisting in shaping the foreign policy. The different modes of working would include making recommendations and promoting the position of their country on crucial issues inside the country. Public diplomacy is the fifth career track, where the officers would help promote the relations with other countries through cultural exchanges, visits and diplomatic measures.

If you want to pursue a Foreign Service job that involves more specialization and experience, you would consider becoming a Foreign Service specialist or FSS. In such a profile, you would have special skills required for supporting the diplomatic operations of the U.S. in different parts of the world. In order to work as an FSS with the State Department, it would be require to be a skilled professional in a specific field that include administration, international information, construction engineering, information technology, office management, security, and medical and health.

You may want to become a Foreign Service Officer or a Foreign Service Specialist, but the hiring process is quite exhaustive and long. Once you have passed the Foreign Service Exam, the other tests include an oral examination, medical clearance and background check.

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